Mosaic Tiles

There is a set of tiles enabled by default in the Mosaic Editor.

  • Table of contents
  • Rich Text
  • Navigation
  • Embed
  • Title
  • Summary
  • Text
  • Custom layout
  • Discussion
  • Document byline
  • Related items
  • Keywords
  • Content listing
  • Existing Content
  • RSS

Table of contents

Rich Text

Rich text tiles can be used in your layout to have freeform content that can be edited through the tinyMCE editor.

See also How to customize tinyMCE buttons on Rich Text tiles


Paste a URL here to embed external multimedia content. Supported sites can be found at


Display the title of the current item.


Display the description from the current item.


Display the main text field from the current item.


Displays comments associated with the current item.

Content listing

Display the results of a saved search of the site content.

Existing content

A tile which displays the default view of a content object.

RSS Feed

Show the items from a content feed like

Document byline

Shows the document byline with author name and date.

Table of contents

Display a Table of contents from the page headers.


Display the keywords defined in the categorization tab of this item.