Plone Mosaic

Plone Mosaic allows you to define global site layouts and override them on specific contents or sections. You can then compose the content of the page using the Mosaic editor.

The Mosaic editor lets you insert blocks (a.k.a. tiles) into the content of the page so that you can easily build custom composite pages for your contents on the fly.

Plone Mosaic works with Plone 4.3 and later.

Terminology changes in Plone Mosaic

Plone Mosaic changes how Plone page composition works, and the new way comes with some new terms:

Plone Mosaic
main template site layout
view template content layout / custom layout
metal slots layout panels
metal macros, portlets, viewlets, providers, etc... tiles

In short:

  • For each page, a configured site layout is looked up (falling back to the old main template).
  • A site layout may contain one or more panels, which are later filled from the configured content layout (or custom content layout saved into the current content item).
  • Both site layout and content layout may contain one or more tiles to provide the actual context dependent content.